Under One Woof!

A Special Dog Boarding Kennel.


     Located in the Finger Lakes region        of Upstate New York.


Under One Woof!
3799 Bath Road
Penn Yan, NY 14527

Call: (315) 371-7710




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About Our Dog Boarding Kennel in Penn Yan, NY

Located in the Finger Lakes region of Upstate NY, Under One Woof! boarding kennel is a family owned, small operation in order that we can ensure plenty of play, one-on-one time and cuddle time for your pet. The owner/care taker lives on the same property as the boarding kennel.

Most of the day is spent playing indoors or out in the large, fenced in play area with other dogs or just hanging out watching TV!

We provide supervised socialization with other dogs, 2 meals each day, a brushing each afternoon,            doggie treats and special bedtime snack.

Under One Woof! dog boarding kennel in Penn Yan, NY encourages owners to bring along anything that will help their  pet feel comfortable while away from home, such as bedding, toys, treats or their own food.

An on-call vet is available to us if needed for your pet.

Each individual suite for boarded dogs has privacy walls, feeding stations, raised beds and TV viewing.

Take advantage of our "Tidy Up Service" during your pet's visit, which includes: soothing oatmeal bath, minor clipping, ear cleaning, toe nail trimming, paw pads, blow dry, and final brush out.

Under One Woof! welcomes special needs dogs including: diabetics, blind and/or deaf dogs, senior citizens, dogs requiring medications or specially prepared diets. Call for more information.

As a leading provider of dog boarding services in the area, we take pride in offering the very best care.  We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers and their best friend each and every day.


Hours: Pet drop-offs and pick-ups: 24hrs/day by appointment.    

Boarding Rates:  1 dog: $23/day  2 dogs: $30/day  3 or more dogs: $35/day                  

(Playtime, TV, treats, and administration of medications free of charge.)  

Tidy-Up Service: $35 per dog.  Click HERE for details.